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Why Frequencies Matter

You all maybe already know how invested I am in frequency and how it affects us emotionally, but this helps to explain it mathematically. Haha. I was listening to Sonata #14 or Moonlight Sonata this morning, and although it FEELS like a darker piece with little patches of light and reprieve, I felt an undercurrent of love- and if I'm being honest the emotion I actually felt was compassion. When you watch the video you will notice the Consonance its a blend of 294Hz, 370Hz, and 440Hz. 250Hz is neutral, but as you creep up to 300, you are showing the emotion of willingness. 370 is almost exactly between acceptance and reason, and the 440 is love. Knowing Beethoven's back story, you can see how he used the chaos and conflict of the Dissonance- feeling frustration, tension, and "at odds" with the beauty and order of the consonance- emoting feelings of willingness, acceptance, reason and love. Maybe this was due to his growing deafness, or maybe this melody had even more to do with a relationship he was in. I think that is why I feel so much compassion. When I meditate to this beautiful melody, I can't help but relate the marriage of my own human struggles and frustrations, with that of compassion and love.


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