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Subconscious Dreaming

Today we explore: Tapping into your subconscious mind

Ironically, your subconscious is most awake when you’re sleeping- in fact studies show that your subconscious is active 24/7, but takes over entirely when you sleep. AND dreaming is the language of your subconscious. Isn’t that wild? It makes sense though, that your subconscious mind would be the most dominant when you weren’t conscious!

(For more insight on this phenomenon, check out this website:

I am going rouge with this post and sharing a personal experience to illustrate just how this happens:

I woke early on Sunday because my circadian rhythm is set to rise early and run! Haha. I’m most definitely a morning person. However, today I really wanted to sleep in- so I stretched closed my eyes and fell back asleep. What I dreamed in that short 45 minutes was a complete manifestation of everything my subconscious had been trying to tell me, I just didn’t know it…yet.

I awoke feeling troubled. I could sense a sadness deep inside of me. Sundays are my day of rest and worship, and I was feeling heavy and rebellious. I didn’t want to serve in my church callings today. In fact I didn’t even want to go to church.

As I went through the motions of getting ready, I felt I was just carrying this trouble around inside of my heart- so I decided to just pause. I put on a clearing frequency to meditate on what I had just dreamt.

As I began I was prompted to get out a pen and paper. I just started writing down the oddities of my dream. As I saw its entirety on paper, I started making connections. I asked for divine guidance to know how to interpret the dream correctly, and this is what I found:

In my dream I was on a large beautiful green lawn and there were piles of garbage everywhere. I was excitedly picking up the piles, and stuffing them in garbage bags. I really enjoyed picking up the trash because I knew I was restoring this beautiful green space back to what it was meant to be. I had a small bag on the edge of the lawn that had some things in it that I wanted to keep. Party decorations I was going to use to celebrate later.

I started realizing that these bags were feeling pretty heavy. I needed to hurry and get them to the dumpster because the garbage man was coming, I could hear him!

As I looked around everyone was just kind of standing around talking to each other, and not able to help me. I started feeling a bit frustrated, but ran very slowly towards the dumpsters with my heavy load. I watched the garbage man drive by. He didn’t even stop. Did he not see me standing there holding giant bags of garbage? I felt him say, “Sorry! I couldn’t stop. You weren’t ready.”

Really? There is no grace? There is no humanity?

He was right though. I wasn’t ready. And deep down inside I knew no matter how hard I would have tried to clean up that garbage there was no way I was getting it all done on my own.

So I dropped the garbage by the dumpsters, and dejectedly walked back to the lawn. No one on the lawn seemed to care. It wasn’t their problem. They were all too busy to really notice what had happened.

I went back to the spot where I had left my bag of decorations to keep and– it was gone. Someone had accidentally thrown it away. In fact, it was out of a gesture of sympathy. Someone had seen me struggle, and thought, “You know, I should help. I’ll throw away this last little bag that she forgot.” Not knowing it was the one thing I wanted to keep. So how could I be mad?

What I learned about myself from this dream:

I love to be helpful. In fact it energizes me, and gives me life! But sometimes I help in the wrong way. Instead of showing others how to pick up their garbage and give it to the Savior (garbage man) I say, hey, I’ll carry that right over to the garbage man for you! I know how to do it! But the load gets too heavy. And I wasn’t ever meant to shoulder all that weight. Everyone stands around talking, and forgetting, and in the same place they always were.

And I can’t quite make it to the dumpsters.

And Savior doesn’t take it because it wasn’t mine to give.

So I finally drop it, but I feel like a failure.

I walk back to the start and try to find my little bag of happiness, but it’s gone.

I left it to the hands of someone else.

They didn’t know they were throwing away my happiness. In fact they thought they were being helpful.

So what have I learned?

–My role isn’t a Savior–

-I can still love, and empathize and be helpful- but in a way that allows for the growth of the other person. I can’t work harder than they are willing to work.

-I also realized how much I truly love this work. It is a gift from Heaven that I can see the potential in others when they are mired in worldly garbage. I want to help restore folks to what they were meant to be.

-I can offer tools to help them clean up, but I still need to direct them to the ultimate healer- God.

-Also- their success and healing belongs to them.

-I can pause and listen when God speaks. I think like/unlike the garbage man he is always there. I can always count on Him coming. Except the Savior never takes a holiday, and will make a special trip if MY garbage can just gets too full. But he also allows others to come to Him when theirs are too full, and when they are ready.

-I cannot be so flippant about my own happiness. It doesn’t belong in the hands of other people.

-I don’t want to tote around my ideas of things I want to do to increase my sense of well being and happiness to use at some ambiguous date anymore- which oftentimes is once I finish the never ending list of things that I feel like should get done first.

-Those around are doing the best they can to help (in my household)- even though sometimes it doesn’t meet my expectations or needs.


I have to add the more I read through my dream, the more my eyes were opened! At first, I only noticed the negative, or the things I needed to work on. I had to give it a day before I could read it again and see the gifts and blessings also interwoven in.

So give it a try!

If you wake feeling residual emotions from a dream that is still clear in your mind:

Pause, and meditate on the dream

Write it down so you can see it in its entirety

Read through it with an open mind- say a prayer, or ask the Universe or your Higher Power to help you

See if you can uncover the truths your subconscious is trying to relay to you

Finally- What did you learn? Write it down.

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