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Soul Purpose: Empowering or Intimidating

Does hearing “Soul Purpose” cause you anxiety?

Does that phrase bring up feelings of guilt, frustration, insecurity, and defeat? Relax, you’re in good company! In this blog post we are going to dive deeper into what “Purpose or Soul Purpose” is and what society and/or narrow minded thinking has caused us to believe.

I used to think that finding my soul purpose was going to be a lifelong struggle. It even felt elusive. Will I ever find it? What if I pick the wrong one! I was taught in church growing up that God put me on this earth for a specific purpose. Something only I could fulfill with my unique character and talents. That sounded so cool as a kid, and so stressful as an adult. What makes me so unique? What am I even good at that matters?

Let us redefine purpose so we can start to unravel all the misconceptions that have kept us feeling like we are living a life WITHOUT purpose.

First and foremost purpose is found inside, it is not found outside of us. When was the last time you stopped searching externally, and started tuning in internally? What is the heart and mind saying? What really matters to YOU?

I think it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to have ONE soul purpose. We are multidimensional beings. We are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, students of God and life, healers, nurturers, and creators- eternally infinite. The Minimalist did a podcast episode about purpose and posed the question: What gives you energy? What makes you feel the most alive?

You could also come at this from the opposite end. This is a question I often like to ask my clients:

In what ways am I living inauthentically?

What choices am I making that are based on “I should” as opposed to “I want”?

For a moment just let go of the idea that your soul purpose is an elusive pearl in the depths of the ocean that you have to find in order to feel complete and even valid on this earth. You really have been given certain gifts, talents, and perspectives that are unique to you, but creation comes in using those things in all areas of your life! See how you can improve the mundane. See if you can be still for a moment and listen to what your soul is craving. Maybe revisit a previous passion, or try something new. It has been said that, “the more things a man is interested in, the more opportunities for happiness he has.”

If you need a punch of love and inspiration, listen to the MLK speech below. It's one of my absolute favorites:

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