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Life Without Vision

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Sometimes we get really comfortable riding the current of life. We’ve been in the same boat for months, maybe years even, and it feels pretty comfortable. We might even be riding around and around the same pond.

Some of us had been running on autopilot for so long we didn’t even realize it, until a minuscule germ shook up our entire world- COVID. Depression has been defined as the inability to construct a meaningful future. I think that nagging feeling of being depressed comes when everything you were used to is suddenly changing, limited, or gone, and your view of the future is suddenly very unsure. You find yourself feeling like you have lost control. Decisions are being made that you don’t agree with. People are choosing things you would never have chosen, and simple tasks are now taking extra steps and thoughtfulness to complete.

What is the anecdote for this form of depression?

Vision:“The ability to plan the future with imagination and wisdom”

Until we are able to have an idea in mind of what we are working towards, what exactly are we working towards? Until we have made a plan to accomplish what we can and want to accomplish AND what we actually have control over, we feel out of control.

“Setting goals demonstrates that YOU are the boss of your own life and that life isn’t the boss of you!”

If you need help creating a vision for your life that gives you peace, joy, and purpose, or whatever it may be- I am here to help!

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