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How Do You Want To Feel?

I am on day 5 of a 21 day meditation streak, and have already had some profound experiences that have helped me to live with greater purpose and peace, so I am excited to share with you one of those things today-

I love a good intention meditation. When I usually do one, I think of how I would like to create my day and the priorities I want to set. When I visualize accomplishing the things of greatest priority, it gives me a good road map for being successful. I have used this method with running goals, life coaching goals, and even “getting dinner made and on the table” goals. It really does help to positively motivate you.


Today my soul whispered something different- It asked me a question:

What if your intention wasn’t a goal? What if it was a feeling?

How do you want to feel today?


How did I want to feel today?

Well, as I looked deep inside, I realized today I wanted to feel fluid. I also wanted to feel peace instead of overwhelm.

It was the first day of school for my kids, and I had to really readjust my schedule to be where they needed me to be. My youngest wasn’t feeling well, so she was upstairs watching cartoons on the couch, missing her first day of 2nd grade. I had many errands to run, laundry to do and a specific request for dinner, so it could have very easily turned to overwhelm at any moment of the day.

I slowly breathed my mantra:

Today I will be fluid. I will allow things to come and go. I will not feel rushed to accomplish the pulls of life, but approach each one intentionally, and with peace. I have plenty of time and I trust that everything will work out today.

I started doing laundry and cleaning, but my daughter started feeling better and wanted to play “Cats” and I was the momma cat, and she was a newborn and I needed to take care of her.

Ah, yes. I see what she needs. I played with her. We laughed and played and I let the laundry go. We decided to eat lunch, and afterwards she said she felt good and wanted to try to go to school. There were only a few hours left, but I honored her wish and took her. I stayed with her until she felt secure, and as I left, I realized I had over an hour to do my errands- plenty of time.

Then, my oldest came home from school feeling less than stellar. She couldn’t move up the levels of her core skills for this year until she mastered the ones from last year, and most of her friends had worked hard during the summer to finish. Even though she didn’t have much left to do, and her guide was ready to formulate a plan with her before school tomorrow, she still felt disappointed.

Now, how did I know all of this? I approached her after school and sat down with her and really listened. I told her that I had all the time in the world, and that connecting with her would bring her and I more peace. Truth be told, I’m not sure I would have been as present if I hadn’t set that as my intention.

With peace and fluidity as my intention it really helped me to live more intentionally.

To conclude, I have started seeing how “being industrious” is so valued here in the U.S. We like to see results. We feel that our value depends on the value we can give to other people.

Now- I think being industrious is good, but it needs to be balanced with quiet introspection.

  • Where are your moments of pause to check in with yourself?

  • What feeling do you want to feel today?

Try making it your intention, and see how your day unfolds.

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