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Wellness Coach

Soul Garden Coaching

Stacey Cardon

Life Consultant

 I know each and every woman is placed on this earth to make a difference and reach her potential. I believe in assisting women in how to live with greater purpose and trust in themselves. I do this by helping them to free themselves from self-limiting beliefs, rise above their circumstances and be more intentional about their goals and vision for the future. We become a team! 

About Me

My journey into mindfulness, meditation and Life Coaching began when my daughter started kindergarten, 6 years ago, and was wracked with anxiety. I lacked the tools I needed to handle the situation, and I had no idea how to help her. I also didn't have a clear understanding of what her anxiety was and where it came from. After much research my husband and I found meditation to be a helpful tool. I became immersed in the work and found it helped me as well. I then stumbled upon the Science of Well-being and could not wait to learn more, so I continued my education. I started learning what perception does to our reality and how we define happiness. I was beginning to put the puzzle pieces together. I needed to understand the basic needs and functions of our brain which took me to a certification in Medical Neuroscience. I then needed to know how and why we react to certain stressors. Through my learning journey I was able to gain the tools needed to uproot unhealthy thought patterns, and how to intentionally plant what we want to cultivate in our lives- so I also became certified in Positive Psychology. The capstone to my education was choosing to become certified in Life Coaching from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. I have worked with children in preschools all the way to business owners, but my passion is helping women find and begin to trust in their inner voice again. It is truly the greatest work of my life.